Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today's thought is just about that; thought. Sometimes the need to just be alone with your thoughts is necessary to your mental health. Right now for instance, I feel the need to be alone with my thoughts. I usually feel this way around this time of night. TV no longer holds my interest. I do not want to play on the computer, do chores or work on any projects.

Some nights I go to bed, what some would consider early, just to be alone with my thoughts. I sit in bed and write in my journal. I just lay there and think or try not to think, but all the same I enjoy the silence. I think quiet time is necessary. Time to think, time to relax, time to quit thinking and time for meditation. I enjoy this time and have come to look forward to it.

Try putting some time aside to be alone with your thoughts. Be in silence, write in a journal or just sit back and reflect. I think you will find you enjoy your quiet time as well.

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