Monday, May 3, 2010

Religion vs. Spirituality

Today's though is about religion and spirituality. I believe there is a big difference between the two. I was raised in a religion but chose to leave when I was 16-years-old. I personally think that religion was created to control the masses. I also notice that each religion claims to be the "true" religion. Either they are all right or they are all wrong.

I do believe that a person can be spiritual and believe in God without having religion. To me, the two are separate. I consider myself a spiritual person and do not feel the need to find religion. I do not need someone to tell me what to believe and what not to believe.

Those in a religion, especially those that are devout think that a person cannot possibly be spiritual without religion, and their religion. As I said, they are either all right or all wrong. I cannot possibly agree with everything a religion tells me. I think we are meant to question at times because that is how we grow. Ask questions, don't take everything at face value and don't believe everything someone tells you. We are all imperfect so how can there possibly be a perfect religion.

I do not need religion to believe in a higher power. I do ask questions and I am smart enough to know that I am not meant to know all the answers. Some questions about life and the world are meant to be left unanswered.

So to sum things up, religion and spirituality are completely separate. At least that is my thought.

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