Monday, May 3, 2010

Do You Think Anyone Gave up Prayer for Lent?

My husband had a good thought that I am stealing for my blog. He said "Catholics are supposed to give up something they love for Lent, what if they gave up prayer. Would they find it life altering in some way". I pondered this for a moment.

Recently friends of ours had given up their love of something for Lent. One gave up potatoes and one gave up meat. They gave up something they loved and the possibilities are endless for all those people who give up something for Lent. A devout Catholic who loves to pray, would they give up prayer? I figured they wouldn't but it is something to ponder. Would their life change in any way if they stopped praying? Would they feel as though they were betraying God by giving up prayer? Would the thought even cross their minds? It does make you think about it though.

What would happen if you gave up prayer for Lent?

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