Monday, May 3, 2010


The thought of today is superstitions. Why do people believe in superstitions?

Superstitions can involve good or bad luck, events that may or may not happen. Here's one; If it rains on Easter Sunday it will rain for the next seven Sundays. Black cats are good or bad luck depending on who you ask. The number 13 is good or bad luck depending on who you ask. If you ask my husband he will tell you that if it's bad luck for everyone else, it's good luck for him. He has a 13 tattooed on his arm.

Don't walk under a ladder. Breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck. Step on a crack and you'll break your mothers back. These are all superstitions that some believe in and some don't. I don't believe in superstitions. I will not wear a particular piece of clothing continuously because if I take it off my favorite sports team will lose. Not that I have a favorite sports team because I don't particularly like sports anyway.

If you really analyze a superstition and maybe do an experiment or two you will find that the superstition has no merit. A superstition is only kept going by those who believe in them, not because there is any real merit to them.

Some things are just strange and this is one of them to me. I will never understand those who are superstitious. But to each his own. Live and let live.

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