Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a Day, What a Day

Well I got super lucky today. School was canceled due to high winds and a tornado watch. We barely got anything as far as bad weather. So, school was canceled for nothing. The kids drove me nuts today.

I just finished helping Ari go through her whole bedroom, throwing stuff out and putting stuff in a bag for a garage sale next season. She cleaned her bedroom today because we did research on rabbits and the sites say a rabbit should be able to come and go to their cage as they please. It makes them feel as though their cage is a haven instead of a prison. But in order to do this, Ari needs to keep her room clean at all times and her bedroom door closed. We also had a death in the bunny family tonight. One of the babies died and we will be having a burial and memorial service at Ari's insisting tomorrow after school. I have to vacuum her room tomorrow and then I can put the cage on the floor and open the door. I sure hope for Ari's sake that no more babies die. It breaks her heart. I'm trying to figure out what you say at a funeral service for a baby bunny. I just know she's going to expect something.

Unfortunately, from working so hard in Ari's room and taking my nightly pills later than usual I'm kind of wired for sound right now and it's 9:00pm. I should be thinking about bed but I don't foresee that happening anytime soon. Maybe I will finally get back in to Farmville and plant some crops. I haven't played in about 2 months. Fact is, I haven't hardly touched the computer in just as long. I'm not sure why exactly. Maybe the newness has worn off or I'm just finding better ways to spend my time but I really don't think that's it.

I have started piecing Justin's quilt and I think it will come out really good. At least my fingers are crossed. I might work on his quilt a little tonight until I can get myself tired enough for bed. If I don't get to bed soon though, tomorrow morning is gonna suck waking up at 6:30.

Anyway, think I'll go play Farmville now to pass the time. Have a happy day.

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  1. I would like to read your short story. You have always written so well. I am so glad you are applying to school for writing! I will be able to say one day that I am the mother of that famous writer Mandy Abbott!! I love you soooo much! Mom