Thursday, October 21, 2010

Its Been a While

Gosh, it's been about a month since my last post and my mother has been pestering me to post something new. So let's see what has been going on since my last post.

I believe I last left you with how my daughter broke her arm. She got her pins taken out two weeks ago and got out of her cast on Tuesday. Her arm still looks a little off and doesn't straighten all the way but hopefully that will work itself out. The surgeon said it would probably take a good month before she could really move it around properly but the break site still doesn't look right. You can definitely tell she broke her arm at the elbow. She is doing well though so that's good. Poor thing has had her way of life turned upside down due to her break. The doctor said her arm is not anywhere near healed yet. Only part of the bone has grown back and it will be extremely easy for her to rebreak that arm. So after spending six weeks in a cast and not being able to do much, things got a little worse for her. Even though she's out of her cast the doctor said she is not allowed to do ANYTHING or activity that might possibly lead to a fall. She can only do calm activities with her hands like drawing, legos, barbie dolls..etc. She can't do anything until at least Spring. That's like 5 months away. She is totally unhappy and bored.

Oh and great news; my hubby got switched to first shift so he is no longer on third shift. He just started first shift on Monday so he's still trying to get used to the new schedule. He's home by 2:20 everyday and that is totally awesome. We are both thrilled about the change. We thought it would take years and years before he would ever get first shift so it has been a good week for us. He's tired getting used to the schedule but it is something we are willing to deal with.

Everyone is doing fine. I think my student loan is now out of default so I need to apply to Western Michigan University soon. The deadline for application is Dec. 1. It sucks that there is a $35 application fee. Non-refundable of course, so I will be pissed if I don't get accepted.

The other night an opening sentence popped in to my head that would make a great short story. I got a whole page written down and it seemed to just pour out of me. It is going to be a romantic tragedy. It is pretty much based on me and Tim but I'm trying to add other aspects of fiction to it. Tim told me he read it because I had it sitting on the end table. He said he knew it was based on us and I told him I was sorry but that he dies at the end. He didn't really like that too much but I thought it made a good twist and a moving ending. I hope I finish it because what I already have is pretty good.

Anyway, I can't think of anything else to update you on. Until next time..... And I will try to get better at posting to my blog. I know, I know, you've heard that before but I think I might actually mean it this time. Only time will tell though. Happy thoughts and happy writing.

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  1. It's about time baby, to hear some updated news.I expect a newt post at least once a week. I love you my sweet perfect daughter!!