Monday, July 19, 2010

New Idea

Well, it's about 5:30am. I slept about 8 hours, just the wrong part of the day. I thought I would rest about 5:00pm last night and ended up falling asleep. I didn't wake up til 2am this morning and surprisingly feel pretty well rested. Let's hope I feel that way later today.

Anyway, I have an idea about how to get myself to write. I'm the type of person who needs to be given a deadline, otherwise I procrastinate or just never get it done. So, I am giving myself a deadline on projects that I thought I would post here for all of you to see. Or if I have no other readers, for just my mother to see, because I gotta love her, she reads every post I make. Thanks Mom. It's nice to know I have one fan.

My first deadline is for an essay I've been thinking of. It is about my passion; words, and how powerful a single word can be. My deadline for this essay is Thursday July 22, 2010. I will make sure to update my blog and let you all know that I completed my project on my stated deadline. If anyone is out there I could really use some encouragement. Please comment, I need to know someone is reading this, other than you Mom (no offense).

1 comment:

  1. If noone else reads your blog but me, you have to know how much I love your blog. Are you going to publish your essay? Can't wait to read your next one. I love you bunches and bunches!! Mom