Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soon to be College Student Again

Well, I have good news. I got my college debt paid off from a previous attempt at attending college. Now they actually have a new degree program that I really want to get. Because I paid them off they will finance me until my student loan is out of default in August or September.

I will be getting my Bachelor's in English with a focus on writing. I can't wait to take some literature courses as well for my electives.

It looks like I'll be starting school April 19th. I'll have alot on my plate because I won't be done with my internship yet so I will have to do both at the same time. My internship requires 10 hours a week and my schooling is probably about the same if not more. It's an online school, University of Phoenix. They are a really good school but require alot from the student. Not a bad thing I guess but sometimes overwhelming. There is alot of reading material and homework involved but it will be nice since this time I have a laptop so I'm not stuck to one spot all the time.

I'm so excited to start! I truly believe that I have finally found what I want to do with my life. If you haven't already heard, I'd like to be a writer, professionaly that is. I would love to see my work in print.

I have given myself a goal of getting an article published in a real, glossy magazine in 6 months. Maybe a year at the latest. My biggest problem that I experience with writing articles is coming up with great topics. I struggle so much with this, which is why I'm stressed over my internship. Luckily, I just wrote down a bunch of article ideas for my internship so I can start writing them tomorrow.

I always wanted to write a book but I don't think I have the patience for such a long endeavor. I've tried before but didn't get past the first few pages of the book. I'm not a fiction writer and I would start to think that no one would care about what I think so why bother. I'm not into how-to or self-help so I guess I'd better stick with articles.

Although, someone did mention to me that maybe I should write a children's book and have my own kids do the illustrations. I thought it wasn't a bad idea and I've had an idea for a book rolling around in my head ever since.

Anyway, that's all for now. You've probably gotten bored already reading this long post. I'll try to make it shorter next time :-)

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