Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good News

Well I still haven't heard yet if I'll be able to start college 4/19 yet but I did get good news yesterday.

The website I was interning for (as a writer) just asked me to be an Associate Editor. They were so pleased with my work and ideas for the site, that after only six weeks that decided to keep on. The budget doesn't allow for much so what they are doing is linking my Google Adsense account to theirs. I hope readers click away on those ads so I can get some pay.

It took so much anxiety and relief off of me. I was really struggling to come up with article ideas for this audience that I was no longer enjoying writing. Now I can write when I choose and improve the site to get more members and feedback.

I am so excited. I still am having some anxiety over knowing whether or not I'll be able to start school on the 19th or if I'll have to wait until next semester. I wish they would just tell me so that my anxiety goes away. Fingers crossed for starting the 19th.

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