Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Moment in Time With a Bipolar Child

Bipolar Disorder runs in my family. Both me and my son have Bipolar. Two Bipolar people living under the same roof is definately a struggle almost every day. I just had a moment with my son that has compelled me to write this blog post.
My son's glasses were broke last week and we just got his new glasses today. He wasted no time in losing them. When I was told by my daughter that my son lost his glasses, he immediately became angry with her for telling me. His anger at losing his glasses was not actually directed at his sister but portrayed in just such a manner. The glasses were luckily found but it left me with a question. Why, when we are angry with ourselves do we project our anger onto others?
Part of me thinks that we outwardly portray anger to others when it is more internal anger because of our mood. We are angry and upset, therefore, making us angry and upset with everything and everyone. I also see the portrayal as a lack of taking personal responsibility for our actions. It is always easier to blame others than to blame ourselves for a mistake. I believe at times we blame others, or appear to blame others subconciously. Whether our behavior is subconcious or with purpose others are unjustly paying the consequences for actions they had no part in.
I make every attempt I know how to teach my children the importance of taking responsibility for their own actions. I believe we have all been guilty at some point in our lives, especially if we really think about it, of projecting inward anger towards other people. I think we all must make a conscious effort to avoid projecting anger where anger is not due.
I have added two links to websites that can give insite on children with Bipolar or if you believe you or your child may be suffering from depression these sites may be helpful.

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