Monday, January 11, 2010

For my first post I would like to welcome all readers. I also hope for readers. I named my blog "Thoughts of a Thinker" because I often find myself thinking about all sorts of topics. When I start writing I find that my thoughts go everywhere and bounce from subject to subject. I ponder on such things as; what happens when we die and know the whole time I am pondering that the answer will never be found. People have all sorts of opinions about this and almost all of them are different. Then at times I wonder about space and planets and whether aliens really exist or not. By the way, my opinion on aliens is that if they weren't out there somewhere what an awful waste of space it would be. The unbelievers' of alien existence tells me that we think to highly of ourselves, that the possibility of other intelligence is just to outrageous to be considered. I think if we were the smartest beings there is then we are in serious trouble people.

Now I hope you have an understanding (somewhat) of why my blog is entitled "Thoughts of a Thinker". I look forward to sharing more posts with you in the future.

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