Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Post is for my Mother

I am writing this post for my mother for reasons I can not yet share. My purpose is to show my love to the woman who gave me life. That life has had its ups and downs as all lives do. Although my mother raised me all by herself, which is no easy task, she still tried her hardest to give my life more of the ups than the down and I love her all the more for it.

As parents we only want what is best for our children and try to protect them from all the cruelty the world has to throw our way. As I grew, she still stood by me through every bad decision I made and helped me through when I suffered the consequences of my decisions. I have made my fair share of mistakes but I came through them to lead a productive life and have a wonderful family and home. I have never forgotten how I was raised and I owe the life I have now in part to my biggest fan; my mother.

Our relationship hasn't always been butterflies and rainbows. We have definitely had our fair share of rocky moments where hurtful words weren't spared and spans of time where we didn't speak. The biggest lesson I learned through those rocky times is that no matter how much you want to stop loving someone, the ones truly special in your heart is a flame of love that can never be extinguished. We made it through those rough patches and barely a day goes by where we don't have long telephone conversations and enjoy each others company.

My mother has seen me at my worst and seen me at my best. She has supported me through it all. I am ashamed to say that I have not been nearly as supportive to her. Now may possibly be the time where she will need all the support I can give and I will give 100% of what I can offer her. I only hope that my best will be enough.

I have truly been blessed with a wonderful husband and children and even in-laws who always stand in my corner cheering me on but each time my mother is always cheering the loudest of all. She is my biggest believer and my biggest fan. Sometimes I think she thinks I am perfect in every way even though that is impossible and I know I am not. Never the less, it is always wonderful to have someone who believes you are capable of accomplishing anything and is proud to have you as a daughter. God smiled upon me when he chose my mother.

This goes out to you mom. I love you and always will.


  1. My darling and beautiful daughter,
    You do not know how much your words have filled my heart. Nothing in the world means more to a mother than the love of her child. I am your biggest fan, cheering the loudest, knowing you can accomplish anything and think you are near perfect. I have never been more proud of anyone in my life and I will always remain the person who loves you most in this world.
    I love you baby,

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