Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things Are Going Well but I Can't Edit my Blog Right

No matter how hard I try I can not figure out this whole HTML thing and how to add it to my blog. Anyway enough about that. I am sorry for neglecting my blog. I have been busy writing articles and doing assignments. I am taking those two classes in writing and I got the Internship with A E-zine geared towards stay at home moms. I have been writing and actually enjoying it and sticking with it. Lets hope this continues and someday I will be able to rename by blog.
I also may get the chance to go back to college and get my bachelor's in English. The school may fund me, but I owe them money and have set up payment arrangements so that might hinder my chances. I haven't heard a decision yet so me and my academic advisor are keeping our fingers crossed. I would love to go back and get a degree that I want, not just because they don't offer any better degree programs. So everyone, fingers crossed.
I have been reading books on writing and making sure that I write something everyday. They say that all writers need to write for at least 10 minutes per day. Doesn't have to be about anything particular, just to let yourself loose and creative juices flowing. I thinlk my 10 mins. a day should be spent on blog entries.
Well that's all for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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