Monday, February 15, 2010

Update on Path to Purpose

I have not posted anything for a while so there are some things to catch you up on. I have published two articles so far on; not widely read I believe. I am also starting on Wednesday two online writing classes. I have also applied and may get a writing internship, so fingers crossed. I know it's unpaid but I think the experience will be good for me by enhancing my writing ability.

I wonder if it is at all possible that maybe I'm finding my purpose. I have always enjoyed writing and would like to break into writing for a living; you know, actually getting paid to write. I think it would be great to get paid for something I like to do, I just hope that I can start writing what people want to read. Topics have never really come easily for me so one of the writing classes I am taking teaches you how to avoid writer's block and come up with read-worthy topics.

I have never stuck with anything so heres' hoping that maybe I've finally found the path that is right for me. I will try to do better at keeping you updated on my progress.

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